Well, it’s been a good run.

As of today, Reform & Revive, as the online magazine, is shutting down.

As even the most casual of readers can see, the most recent original article posted on this site was nine months ago.  The original vision for the site was to have a community of diverse, culturally-engaged twentysomethings writing about the intersection of theology and life.  From the beginning, I wanted this to be a place where deep truths of the Christian faith could find their expression, wrestling, and questioning.

And for the most part, I think it was.  There were some really amazing articles here.  The site was always popular, pulling in amazing numbers of readers.  But alas, the time has come to shut it down.  I got such a great list of “regular” writers and guest contributors, it’s just that with life and such, we were all never to keep up with this with any sort of regularity.

Below, you will find a brief “screenshot history” of the site, from its first look until now.  For more on the future plans for this space, and a list of my favorite articles from this site, you can view the post about this on my personal blog, the long way home.  I hope and intend for most of these articles to stay up so that old links elsewhere will still lead here.

This space, over the next couple of months, will change drastically in both vision and look.  The site itself, like the hearts it hoped to impact, will be both re-formed and re-vived.  I look forward to the future of Reform & Revive.  Thank you for your readership, your comments, your writings, and you support.  We will be back.

What were some of your favorite articles?  Any tips on the redesign/revision?  Leave a comment below to start the discussion.

Here is that history of Reform & Revive I mentioned earlier…

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